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Inplaybet Terms

  • What is inplay betting
    • In-play betting is the ability to bet on a match while it’s in progress.
      The odds of the match will go up and down every minute.

    • What are advantages of inplay betting
      • The advantages of in-play betting:
        1. Better chance of making right or accurate decision
        2. Better odds than pre-match betting
        3. Odds can be set at higher level before match commence.

      • Why the event got suspended inplay betting
        • The event got suspended when an outcome is unexpected or happened instantly. Match got suspended when the ball is close to goal rather than goal has been scored because betting exchanges are always some seconds ahead of what has been broadcasted on Television.


  • What are Badges
    • There are three type of badges Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
      Every tipster is segregated according to his/her competency level.
      The price of the badges are based on the yield rate, hit rate and profit
      of the tipsters.

    • What is difference between Package and Monthly Subscription
      • Package Subscription: Package Subscription allows punters to receive tips from tipsters for any sports’ events. Event can be specific game, league, or race.
        Monthly Subscription: We offer one month, three month, six month, or twelve month subscription for any sport from any tipster.

      • How to subscribe package
        • 1. Select Package/Monthly subscription.
          2. Click Package or Monthly subscription.
          3. Register an account if you don’t have one.
          4. Choose Sport and Tipster
          5. Choose a payment option and make the payment
          6. Your account will be set up as soon as
          7. You will receive Email notification

Bet Terms

  • Types of Bets
    • We focus on three types of categories Hedging, Back-Lay and Straight Bet.
      We have covered almost all types of sports bets: Asian Handicaps, Over/Under goals and many more.
      We also advise some different types of bets to generate extra profits.

    • What is Back bet
      • A Back bet is a winning an event –to win a race, or to win cricket game.
        The punter makes his bet at the bookmakers’ odds and if he wins he
        receives his original stake plus whatever odds were.
        Back bet on a Horse James at odds of 6.0 decimal with stake 10£
        £10 * 6.0=£60
        This is £60 return and £50 profit.

      • What is Lay bet
        • Lay bet is an outcome you think will not happen.
          It is a concept in which punters bet against a team winning the match.
          Lay bets allows you to win a huge percentage of your bets and make excellent
          Example: Lay bet at the odds of 1.5, and commission rate is 5%
          Winning your bet: 100 * .95=£95
          Losing your bet: 100(1.5-1) = £50

        • What is Hedging
          • Hedging is a risk-free profit by backing and laying on the same bet.
            It is good to back at the highest odds possible and lay at the lowest odds.
            An outcome of the football match backing at 10/1 with £100 in hand and laying odds at 9/1 at £110.
            Scenario 1: Winning of football match will pay 10 * 100=£1000 and lose 9 * 1= £990 for a profit of £10.
            Scenario 2: Losing the Match will lost £100 and £110 will be gained for a profit of £10.
            In each case, we earned a profit.

          • What is Matched and Unmatched Bet
            • In Betting Exchanges, there must be a backer and layer for any bets made.
              If there is a backer for your lay bet, your bet will be matched. Matched bet cannot be cancelled.
              If your bet has not been matched, you can cancel your unmatched bet, leave your bet unmatched or accept the unmatched bet.

            • What is Sports Arbitrage Betting
              • Arbitrage Betting takes advantage of the differences in the odds provided by
                bookmakers on selected events to make risk free profit.
                Arbitrage profit is around 2-5% and during some special events they might
                reach 10-20%.

              • Timestamp of Bets
                • We provide a timestamp to place your bets. We pre-empt the market moves and provide you the best odds possible. We encourage you to place the bets
                  as suggested timestamp to take advantage of best odds.
                  You can receive Betting tips any time as opportunities have no limitations.

                • Placing your Bets
                  • We use a combination of statistics, sports knowledge and commitment to advice valuable bet. We followed an intellectual approach to make money.
                    We can never guarantee a bet but we can guarantee a winning pattern which we traced down through our experience and deep knowledge.

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